Amazing Guest,

If you were searching for inspiration, creativity, pure pleasure, extreme entertainment you are in the right place!

So, it is my great pleasure to welcome you into this new experience, where rules are excluded and imagination is invited every day as special guest.

Let me share with you my vision. I want to discover with you that limits don’t exist. That each day we can reinvent ourselves and using the great power of costumes and characters we can become somebody else if we desire. I want to eliminate the social status as we know it, or better to reinvent it every week. Here it is your playground. here you can be a queen, or a servant, or a courtesan if you want. Here boundaries are off and  you could relate to others, just using your imagination. Which is totally free. And unlimited. And all yours.

How it works. Each week we party under different theme. Everyone is invited to propose suggestions of dress code, music, food, architecture, anything else that can create a world based on the specified theme. The big event will take place at the end of the week.

I strongly recommend you to log in with a personalized avatar, that you can change each week.

I dare you to (RE)INVENT YOURSELF!

Love yourself and the world,

Duchess Isabella


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