How to create a dress?

Published May 24, 2012 by Amorosa

I always believed that when creating a new look the couturier has a great importance. And this fact is true. He does. But I discovered today that one secret is the inspiration.

Of course you have some ideas inside of you of what you want to achieve, but mainly the best and hardest part is to let the material talk to you. To listen what the material wants to be transformed into. This is one way of creating. And this can be extended to every other domain of your life.

So, who feels is prepared to create his own outfit for the stellar party? I dare you to let yourself go and create something amazing, something that was never seen before, something inspirational! Something unique!


2 comments on “How to create a dress?

  • I’d love to create a beautiful red dress, with long skirt, flawless materials… so the touch is soft! In fact, I will start right now!

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