Introducing the special guest of this week

Published May 15, 2012 by Amorosa

Dear Friends,

This week a special guest is coming to our party. Let me introduce him, so you have the opportunity to know him better. He calls himself a tailor, but he might be as well, a great couturier…from another place and time…

The first amazing thing you see in him is his simplicity. When talking about his work, his face is illuminated and light appears in his vivid eyes. You can almost feel and touch the passion, it is somehow contagious.

Seeing him at work, one can get a lot of inspiration. The materials transform in his delicate hands, like being alive. You have the feeling that clothes are created by the materials, that human is involved only in helping the creation process taking place. The materials are handled with respect and care.
He always carrie with him a precious book, talking about Madeleine Vionnet, defined as the “architect among dressmakers”…



… She founded her maison in Paris, in 1912, impressing the world of couture with her totally innovative approach, her sartorial skills and the perfect balance between experimentation and elegance. She liberated the body from stays and corsets, making women’s personalities, their well-being and their dreams the centre of fashion. Drawing inspiration from Greek art, she created garments that clung to the shape of the body, with a fluidity that echoed its movements, in the conviction that dresses must take on the personality of the person wearing them. In fact, she would say, “when a woman smiles, then her dress should smile too”.

 But what I find amazing is the attention given to this book. It is carried in a hand made cover, like something sacred and precious. Almost like a bible. And in some way this book represents his bible.
His work is a tribute to the act of creation. He is aware that creation process is not easy and that implies hard work and commitment.
SO, what do you think that this great couturier is able to invent for our party? Maybe he will appear costumed like a woman or as a character from his bible? Would he make corsets for the guests? Or maybe he will create dresses that smile at the same time with the guests? What would he do? What do you think?

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