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We are made of stars!

Published April 19, 2012 by Amorosa


We are literally made of stars! Just imagine! Can you really picture this? Can you see that our limited daily portion of universe is much more? So much more than anyone imagines. Picture yourself dancing through the universe! Let yourself go and just enjoy! Close your eyes and dream! And listen to good music!

Just let yourself be free!



Published April 10, 2012 by Amorosa


It is my great pleasure to welcome you! A new experience is ahead and I do hope we will have a great and inspiring time together.

Together we will discover that limits don’t exist. A new world is to be discovered, with each week, with each royal party and you will not just be a simple guest, a simple spectator. I dare you to be the creator of this magnificent world: A NEW WORLD.

At the beginning of each week a theme will be given for the royal party, that will take place at the end of the week. Everyone is invited to propose suggestions of dress code, music, food, architecture, anything else that can create a world based on the specified theme.

At the end of the week the world that sums up all your suggestions will be created.

I strongly recommend you to log in with a personalized avatar, that you can change each week.

I dare you to (RE)INVENT YOURSELF!

Love and consideration,

Duchess Isabella

(your hostess)