Private dance

Published October 19, 2012 by Amorosa

“We shall never forget our first love. The heart of Russia won’t forget you. And you, my heart will never forget you.”  (Serge Lifar to Natalie Paley, Countess Natalie Pavlovna de Hohenfelsen)



A love that defied the time and social rules. In a time of great changes and transformations. Just imagine that this couple would enter the party…

She…the embodiment of royalty. Sensuous and glamorous, delicate but strong.

He…gracefully leaning towards her…like in a private dance…

The private dance is just starting!

What about you? Who would you choose for a private dance?












Published September 17, 2012 by Amorosa

I’m counting for something!

Or at least this is what Diana Vreeland was telling us about the guests attending the Conde Nast’s party. If you are counting for something, then you are welcome to attend our party. Of course everyone counts for something, but so often we just don’t realize how important is our own life.

Sometimes we just think that our strength is not enough, that we cannot make a difference and that we just have to follow what over people tell us to do. But life is more than this. Life is much more than we imagine while living our daily existence…

Waking up… And life surely has its way of waking you up sometimes. Ot could be an unexpected person that enters into your life, or just an instant revelation while you are doing your daily routine…

Nevertheless, the revelation happens and you are practically brought back to life in just an instant! Your life is again colorful and vivid!

What about you? Are you wide awake or just waking up? What experience brought you back to life? Are you living life at its fullest?

Let’s party like in the ’20s!

Published June 17, 2012 by Amorosa

The voting is over. Fetish party, Gothic party and the Roaring 20s were the suggestions received for the next party! So, the winner is Roaring 20s party!

Let’s reinvent a period of abundance, joy of life and new discoveries! All you have to do is choose your favorite character and come to the party in disguised. So you can reinvent yourself, rediscover your potential and be free!

My character is someone very mysterious, maybe a disguised nun who is begging for forgiveness…Or she is just searching for the one? What do you think?

I introduce to you Isabella!

So, who are you? Maybe your character is inspirational for you or for someone else? Share your experience and vision!

Let’s reinvent the Roaring 20s!

Looking into the future!

Published June 7, 2012 by Amorosa

Amazing gift. Cosmic samurai. Space age desinger. Interstellar overdrive. Sailor moon.Fly me to the moon. We are all made of stars. The fifth element. Experience. Imagination. Desire. Lucid dreams…

This was the first party: stellar party! Thank you all for such an amazing contribution. We’ve created a wonderful world! But what abut next party? Where would you like to go? What particular guests do you have in mind? A special place, perhaps? Or maybe special food? Please send your suggestions for the next party!

Your brilliant ideas will create the next party!

Just let your imagination be wild!

Amazing guest!

Published May 30, 2012 by Amorosa


He touches millions of people. And he does it so easily, that everything seems just a game. He looks like a kid on the playground. And still the result is fantastic. People are changed and transformed at the highest level. Irremediably.

His toy? The violin. His gift? Incommensurable!

He may be one of us! Can you imagine having this amazing gift to interact with other people so amazingly beautiful? To be able to touch their souls and life and to inspire in such a wonderful way! So, why don’t you? Just give the best of you and the rest will follow!